Shot from the hip on a Canon AE-1 with Fujifilm X-tra 400

I have wanted to try my luck living outside of the UK for quite some time. In light of recent political events, I have been given a much needed push in the direction of figuring out which part of mainland Europe I want to move to.

At the top of list is “somewhere in Scandinavia”. Having visited Denmark over a year ago with a group of friends, I was eager to go back. Last time we had such an amazing (huge) Danish AirBnb that we didn’t leave it much, and enjoyed each others company for the 4 days of our stay.T his time I wanted to explore more, get a feel for the city, hire a bike and eat out. That said, we still managed to bag a really lovely AirBnb apartment in Nørrebro.

Reason to pick Copenhagen: Style in abundance.

So it’s early October and it’s kinda cold, but between the rainy days there’s brilliant sunshine, fabulous sunsets and loads of beautiful buildings to absorb and reflect the sun’s lashings of golden light.

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