Welcome to my digital realm

Created exclusively for curious souls, like you. This is a sacred space where I pen my raw thoughts, insights, and musings with kindred spirits who resonate with my journey.

I’d love to have you join my small community. I have one small ask of you — email me to let me know who you are and how you found my website!

Get to know me

🌱 Originally from the middle of the UK, I have been living a mostly nomadic life for many years, including two years on a sailboat. Now in search of a home to root into.

👩‍💻 Over a decade deep into a career in marketing, I have lead marketing strategy and teams at companies like Ghost and Jungle Scout. Currently working on exciting new ventures.

🐈 I'm a talented cat whisperer and have a Thai rescue cat called Kevin. Helping animals in need is one of my passions.

🌏 Favourite places: Cape Town, Thailand, British Virgin Islands, and Norway.

📚 Favourite books: Books that have had the biggest impact on my life include Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, Women Who Run with the Wolves, and The Prophet.

🎶 Favourite music: I curate playlists to make my friends smile: Chill earthy vibes, medicine music & shamanic witchy bass.

What do I write about?

Building a better life.
Venturing beyond comfort zones has sculpted my perspective. I chronicle transformative experiences, adventures, and revelations that have redefined how I spend time on this earth in more positive and balanced ways.

Business with heart.
From difficult beginnings to finding freedom in remote work, my career journey is a tapestry of learnings. Dive into insights on my career evolutions and bringing conscious leadership to the world of business.

I believe in the interconnectedness and collective well-being that comes through community and shared experiences. Whether it's through communal living, intentional relationships, or building shared spaces.

As you journey through my narratives, expect authenticity, vulnerability, and a sprinkle of magic 🔮 Ready to connect? Wave a hello 👋