It's a new year and I've been reminiscing the past one, which was spent travelling to 14 countries, making some big career moves, spending time with friends and family, making new friends and solidifying some big future plans.

Resolutions aren't my thing. But a few of the things I am committed to in the coming year include continuing my fitness journey, taking sailing lessons and achieving some big work goals. One thing that remains constant is that I have no desire to stop travelling and moving around. So after more than a year of full-time travel, I thought I would share all the things that I've learnt along the way.

The things that people ask me questions about most often include where to go, where to book flights, what Airbnb's to stay in or what I pack in my suitcase. But if I'm honest, these are the types of things that are the easiest to solve and the most talked about. There's tons of posts out there about finding cheap flights, travel guides and inventory lists of travel swag complete with Amazon links. But there are many more things that I've learnt that I didn't expect to.

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