I've been getting progressively more weary of social media as the years go by. It increasingly feels like a millennial disease of the mind that I can't shake.

I find myself spending hours of my day hooked on the dopamine hits that live inside certain apps on my phone. When my brain and my fingers are itching for something to do, I've committed a familiar face-ID-swipe-up-tap motion to muscle memory that takes me to a place that is slowly swallowing up my attention and wellbeing.

On the toilet, in bed, at my desk, at the mall, by the pool, at the pub, in the airport. Doesn't matter where I am, no matter how fucking hard I try, I still pick up my phone. More often than not, I justify my actions by fooling myself that I'm just passing time while waiting for X, getting a bit of daily news or looking at cats. But the reality is that I'm just another sack of flesh and bones that's formed unhealthy habits. I'm not making decisions for myself, I am subconsciously following a pattern of daily existence that simply doesn't serve my mental or physical health.

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