My week started out fairly normal, until Walt walked into it. My friend Pati and I found him on the floor outside my co-working space. He was not in a good way. His eyes were caked shut, and he was barely moving at all. Pati rushed him to the vet and he received urgent care to clean him up and assess his condition.

He has cat flu, with severe upper respiratory problems, and eye ulcers. He's also extremely underweight. You can see by the size of his ears compared to the rest of his body. I can feel his full skeleton. He should be a plump little nugget by now — but life hasn't been so kind to him.

We knew he belonged to a feral queen who has been raising her litter in the rafters, because he once fell into a wall cavity from the roof when he was just a few weeks old. Look how cute and healthy he was back then!

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