When living in Thailand for ~2 years I was involved with a small but mighty cat rescue group called Adopt Meow. Although I left Thailand more than a year ago, I still volunteer from a distance, mostly in the capacity of offering my tech skills to maintain our website, instagram, and helping out with any other tech issues.

It's a great pleasure that I'm still able to contribute towards a cause I care about, despite being thousands of miles away. Adopt Meow is a small group of expats that dedicate their time towards rescuing animals and they're punching way above their weight, taking in 30-40 cats a month. In 2021, Adopt Meow found homes for more than 300 cats!

Many of the small animal rescue organisations that I've come into contact with face similar challenges. Funding is tight, and volunteers are short on time because they're out in the field, doing the real work. Things like websites and good data management get left behind, understandably.

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