I've always had cats around me in life, except for when I decided to start travelling. Perhaps the biggest downside of my past 3 years of moving around has been the lack of feline companionship.

Once I knew I was settling into Chiang Mai for a year or so, I got in touch with the local kitten rescue community. I wanted to help in any way I could with socialising or fostering kittens, or even helping with the website and other things.

Before I even had chance to get stuck in with helping out, I started seeing stray cats around my house every so often. A few months after spotting a mother and two kittens, a beautiful friendly tom cat turned up for a cuddle. I started leaving out food for him, and quickly attracted a hungry mama cat instead. I named her Gypsy.

This story spans over several months, so it's not the smoothest but I decided to take some footage and stitch it together for memories. Here's the story of how I met Gypsy:

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