There's a lot of planning and logistics happening in my house at the moment, with our boat plans in full motion.

Just last week as the US election was unfolding, we headed to the US embassy to get B1/B2 visas, in preparation to head to Florida to meet our boat for the first time early next year.

I don't have much else going on in my brain right now, so thought I'd share a little update on how things are progressing.

Will it even boat, though?

In peak lockdown season, we weren't sure if we were even going to get the boat we put down a deposit for. But joyfully, in the past weeks, we've been getting a feed of boat progress photos from Leopard that make this feel very real all of a sudden.

Hard-mode: Engaged

Seeing our boat being made, with our name and hull number on it, has put a lot more urgency into planning all of the things we need to do next. It's not been easy to figure out the timing of this. International travel with a cat during a global pandemic is one thing. All of that aside, we also have to contend with the timeline of the boat arriving, how long it will take to get it ready to be our full-time home, and then there's hurricane season. No big deal!

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