Want to become a member and access all the posts on my site? Well — you can, and it's free. All you need to do is email me at hello[at] and let me know your name and email address and where you found my website. Bonus points if you also say hi and tell me a little bit about yourself!


What's all this about?

Read the about page.

Why do I need to email you to subscribe?

I removed open subscriptions to my site for a few reasons:

  1. I'm trying to build a small community of people who actually care about reading my content and giving feedback about it. I want to know your names and faces and what you're interested in.
  2. I got a lot of spam and random people accessing my site and this defeats the purpose of having my own private corner of the internet.
  3. It's my website. I do what I want.

What happens after I email you?

I'll reply and hopefully we'll get to know a little bit about each other. I'll add you as a member to my site and from then on you'll be able to sign in using your email address. You'll receive a confirmation email which you need to click and then you'll have access to my entire archive.

You should stay logged in once you've done this, but if you clear your cookies you can simply log in again by entering the same email address.

Can I unsubscribe?

Of course, you can unsubscribe from any emails I send to you about new posts. This won't remove you as a member, you just won't get any updates to your inbox.

If you'd like to be removed as a Member just let me know. Since there's no paid subscriptions here, the only information I enter is your email address and name.